1. Get the Swimmo app

Open your Swimmo app. Sign in. Use an iPhone or a modern Android phone with Bluetooth Low Energy.

2. Create Swimmo Account

The first screen you’ll see after launching Swimmo app is where you can log into Swimmo account that is required to save your workout results. To create the account, you can use Facebook login or create it from scratch.

After creating your account add your personal info (age, weight, height) that are used to produce more accurate measurements.

3. Wake up & Charge

Wake Swimmo up by charging it for the first time. Place your watch into the USB charger that can be found in the box. Plug the charger into any USB port. When battery power falls below 20%, the battery indicator will turn red so you know your watch need charging.
Charging takes 2 hours on average. When charging is complete, the green battery indicator will be full. The charger clamps should fit tightly around the watch.

See a video guide on this subject here.

4. Put it on
  • Open the buckle and place the band around your wrist.
  • Secure the band with the pin, as shown on the right.
  • Once the pin is in place, press the buckle to close it.
  • Make sure the band and the end of the strap properly fit your wrist.

To measure your heart rate, Swimmo should fit tightly around your wrist, but it cannot be fastened too tightly either.

See a video guide on this subject here.