Backend is a stable platform behind scenes which is a solid foundation for iOS, Android and watch apps. That's also why it shouldn't change often.

Changes to this app are available live the moment we finish them and properly test. To experience backend app changes, you don't really need to follow any special instructions or upgrades on your own. 

Have a look at most recent changes below.

Backend release public v20.10.1
  • Update of database server version
Backend release public v20.10
  • Turned off integrations without refresh tokens in Strava and MapMyFitness as they require user to log in again
Backend release public v20.07
  • Better process of refreshing auth key tokens in integrations
  • Added support for refresh tokens for Strava due to API changes
  • Apple APN certificate update
  • Upgrade of libraries and dependencies
Backend release public v19.08
  • Quality - data checks are now run in more often in recurring way
  • Quality - deduplicate data where possible
  • Quality - data consistency tools were run
  • Upgrade of SSL certificates
  • Upgrade of database server version
  • Upgrade of libraries and dependencies

Backend release public v19.02
  • Fixed long authorisation keys renewal for MapMyFitness integration.

Backend release public v19.01
  • Push Notifications - migrated GCM to FCM messaging protocol for Android
  • Public release of watch firmware v1.9.13 that applies to cobranded watches for different market segment
  • Stability - safeguarded the cause of backend downtime in the beginning of January
  • Quality - data consistency checks were run
  • Update of certifications, dependencies
  • Update of OS stack

Backend release public v18.11
  • Data consistency updates and checks were run
  • Updated libraries/dependencies 
  • Upgrade Node version to LTS release.
  • Released adjustments for new upcoming cobranded watch model targeted at different market segment - i.e. firmware selection process now considers HW revision during firmware update

Backend release public v18.09
  • Fixed leaderboard issues for users with over 100 friends and eliminated the root cause
  • Workouts marked as hidden by users are now completely removed to save database space
  • Data consistency updates and checks were run

Backend release public v18.06
  • Upgrade of database infrastructure to higher tier

Backend release public v18.04
  • Fixed workout duplicates - final fix

Backend release public v18.01
  • Updated email templates to use HTML code as well to prevent link breaking
  • Updated Apple Push certificates
  • Performance optimization (more caching)
  • Updated libraries/dependencies 

Backend release public v17.06
  • Deduplicate workouts in history
  • Backed scripts improvements

Backend release public v17.05
  • Secured workout date sync bug
  • Changed mailer service
  • Updated libraries/dependencies 

Backend release public v17.02
  • Fixed leaderboard workouts query limit - there was 100 cutoff before 

Backend release public v17.02.19 
  • Fixed root cause of duplicates creation by proper Date unification.
  • Improved consistency of defaults goals in the database so that duplicates are stipped out and everyone has access to all goal types.
  • Save leaderboard history entries less often so that duplicates are no longer created.
  • Average pace counting fixed in cases when mixed metrics are used.
  • Upgrade Node version to LTS release.
  • Code refactoring and improvements. 

Backend release public v17.02.06
  • Matched RAW Bluetooth data logging methods for Android v1.6.2 needs.
  • Stability improvements for user/email duplicate handling.

Backend release public v17.01.28 and v17.01.29 
  • Released new links to firmware files - only mobile apps above v1.6 will be able to access these URLs (approx. 3% are still using version pre v1.6, please update your mobile apps to latest)
  • Updated MapMyFitness/Under Armour API urls
  • Corrected DeviceConfig table, fixes e.g. "dailyWatch" mode to be ON by default
  • Fixed missing basic workouts for approx. 70 user accounts (24.01)
  • Improve data integrity in User table - e.g. facebookIds, photoUrls, usernames - so that leaderboard friends search identifies more people correctly 
  • Improved data integrity in User table - email addresses in lowercase
  • Fixed handling of empty emails in User trigger
  • Data integrity: corrections in UserIntegrations table
  • Several duplicates of history entries were hidden
  • Better error logs for integration sync
  • Better handling of session tokens 

Backend release public v17.01.22
  • Fixed issue with password reminders not sending out when using mixed email case

Backend release public v17.01.21
  • Fixed issue with refreshing token for UnderArmour/MapMyFitness API 
  • Increased validity duration of confirmation emails
  • Better logs for easier debug, especially for integration sync for 1.6.1+ apps 
  • Added logs for Bluetooth raw frames of workout sync for 1.6.1+ apps
  • Fixed various stability issues from logs
  • Updated libraries/dependencies 

Backend release public v17.01.05 and v17.01.08 
  • This is a major release which migrates our old backend to a new online location. Currently used solution is being retired with the end of January. As told by, "On January 28, 2017, any calls to the hosted Parse backend service will cease to function", so please make sure to use the latest mobile apps before that.
  • Database consistency: Restored missing basic goals for several accounts
  • Database consistency: Marked properly duplicate history entries as hidden
  • More reliable backend that eliminates long wait between sync and availability of workout data as well as loss of workout data.

Backend release public v16.12.23
  • Performance optimisation, stability improvements

Backend release public v16.12.18 
  • Fixed issue with Facebook auth token not saving properly
  • Fixed saving of Facebook ID for proper friends search
  • Quality and performance improvements, better logs
  • Refactoring of "getAchievements" method logic

Backend release public v16.12.10
  • Improvements in workout data integrity checks 
  • Secured bug with encoding an invalid date
  • Stability improvements
  • Better logs

Backend release public v16.11.12
  • New: added consistency checks to safeguard the data transfer
  • Fix: empty follower name fixed in leaderboard push notifications
  • Stability fixes
  • Backend release 
  • History - past duplicated workouts were hidden and should no longer be seen (this is the fix for past workouts, fix for new workouts was already implemented before)
  • Leaderboard - fixes to stabilize SwimFlow points - was related to number of entries in query hitting the low limit
  • Achievements/best times - fixed condition to match equal number of laps for 1000meters/yards record too so that such cases are handled as well
  • Achievements/best times - 1000m records should now be counted properly for non-standard 20m pools too
  • Achievements and leaderboard points now refresh if you changed pool length or deleted the workout
  • Avg pulse over time now counted properly to not include 0 bpm results
  • Fixed backend causes for some syncing lags when syncing for first time
  • Major refactoring of vast part of code base
  • Stability improvements, all known errors from logs are now fixed!
Backend release
  • Fixed issue with lost workouts after watch reset (issue was introduced when solving duplication issue in latest release)
  • Various stability fixes

Backend release
  • Syncing should no longer save the duplicates of the workout - fixed for new syncs (still working to clean up old workouts from duplicates)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect year of training after the watch reset (past workouts affected by this bug were updated as well)
  • Fixed issue with achievements still visible after removing a given workout
  • Goals on iOS - secured bug with Distance default workout missing - fix for current users

Backend previous releases

Changelog for previous releases are not available publicly.