How will Open Water Mode work on Swimmo?

Open Water Mode will allow Swimmo users to measure your swim distance and duration in lakes, seas, rivers, and oceans.

Instead of using GPS, Swimmo will learn from your previous training sessions about stroke length and use an algorithm to extrapolate that in open water mode (similar to Nike+ in running).

This approach will be more reliable and more accurate, as there will be no risk of GPS losing signal. 

When will this feature be available?

Open Water Mode feature pack will be available as free update for all existing Swimmo watches upon release. This will be introduced through a simple software download via the Swimmo mobile app. 

We are a small team with a big dream and thanks to the support and trust of swimmers like you we are able to grow and build a product that can proudly compete with the bigger brands.

Developing such a major function takes time, especially for a small team like ours. There's no exact release date at this point, but rest assured that we will release this feature as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!