European Union

Your Swimmo will be free of any duties or taxes because your package will be sent from a warehouse in the European Union. What’s more, the EU VAT is paid by us.

United Kingdom

We have reduced the price of Swimmo to compensate for the new, post-Brexit tax regulations. Our British customers may be required to pay local VAT (20%, which is around 20 GBP) upon delivery. 


A fee of approximately 3.5 USD might be charged by the postal service.


North America

United States

Your Swimmo will be free of any duties or taxes because the value of your package is within duty-free limit.


Your Swimmo is of European Union preferential origin, which means it should be free of customs duties under Canada-Europe Trade Agreement (CETA), although 5% GST tax may still be collected.


Although the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement has been reached, from our experience you will need to cover local sales tax of approx. 33 USD total (incl. any courier handling fees).


South America


From our experience, Swimmo parcels are not subject to any duties/taxes in Brazil. Only a small fee of 15 BRL (approx. 4 USD), called Despacho Postal, needs to be covered once the package reaches Brazil. This is described in details in order confirmation email.


In Argentina import rules are complex therefore we advise you to consult customs authorities.


Asia, Oceania, Africa


As far as we are aware, your Swimmo will be free of customs duties, although GST tax may still be collected.


There are no customs duties applicable and 8% GST tax is usually collected on import.

South Africa

At the time of writing this article, Swimmo watches reaching South Africa were subject to a import GST tax of approximately 35 USD total (incl. any courier handling fees).

United Arab Emirates

As far as we are aware, your Swimmo will be free of any duties or taxes.


Other Countries & Final Notes

To the best of our knowledge, and based on the reports from our customers, duties and taxes in other regions not mentioned above are either nonexistent or insignificantly low.

The values visible in this article are based on our experience with previous orders and should not be treated as definitive. While we cover the shipping costs for you (unless specified otherwise during the checkout), local duties and taxes are levied by your country and are outside of our control.

It's always a good idea to check the relevant regulations in your country. For such inquiry, please use the following information:

- the value of the item - as stated in the checkout and order confirmation;
- goods origin and country of export - Poland, European Union;
- HS code - 9102.12 (wrist watch with opto-electronic display only).

You can also check map of Free Trade Agreements signed by European Union.