When should I charge Swimmo’s battery?

Factory new watches are usually (there are exceptions) only partially charged due to transport restrictions, so please remember to charge your watch before your first swim.

You can charge your Swimmo as often as you would like, but for best performance over time, we do recommend charging in the following scenarios:

  • When the battery’s charge falls to 20% or below, the battery indicator will turn red to inform you that your watch needs charging. This battery indicator is shown near the hour in daily watch screen mode.
  • If your battery drops to 0%, then your watch won't respond to your taps and will display nothing, then it is also time to charge it.
  • In regular use, we recommend charging every 3-5 days.

How long does it take to charge Swimmo’s battery?

Charging to 100% varies but usually takes 2 hours on average. When charging is complete, the green battery indicator will be full.

How to charge Swimmo watch?

Gently place your watch on the USB charger that can be found in the box. Push the charger clamps around the watch until you hear a loud click. The charger can be connected to both sides of the watch. Next, plug the charger cable into the USB port. 

The charging indicator will appear on the display for several seconds to confirm that the watch is charging. The charging animation is shown for several seconds or reappears when you tap the display. Once Swimmo is fully charged, the animation stops and the battery indicator is filled completely.