Why would I need to do this?

Resetting the watch to factory settings can be an easy way to resolve temporary glitches. Please keep in mind that all the workouts which were not previously synchronized using the mobile app will be lost after the reset.

How to start?

The software method - the preferred and the easiest method that will cut the battery completely

The current version of the Swimmo App features a factory reset function. First, please ensure that the battery is not close to depleting. Once the battery is sufficiently charged, please remove the watch from the charger and go to Swimmo mobile app → Settings tab → Troubleshooting → Tap "Reset the watch" button.

After a while (please give it some time) the watch will be completely turned off and the settings will be restored to factory defaults upon the next boot via the charger. After the screen of the watch goes blank, the app might need some time to catch up and it might still display being connected with the watch. We recommend giving it up to five minutes before taking any further action.

Note, that if you need to reset the watch due to Bluetooth connectivity issues, this might not work and you should use the hardware method instead.

The hardware method - the backup method used when you can't connect via Bluetooth at all

You can reset the watch by plugging and unplugging the USB cable at least four times consecutively without delay. See exactly how to do it in the instruction video. This might be difficult to execute correctly at first if the USB does not unplug smoothly, but we guarantee that this method will reset the watch if done correctly - please keep trying even if it does not seem to be working at first. A successfully performed reset will bring up the logo and the Rotate & Tap tutorial, just like the first time you've used the watch.

If you are having trouble with doing this, please try squeezing the charger clamp open and touching the charger's pins directly to the contacts on the watch, without releasing the clamp. Please do so 4 times consecutively - this is equivalent of plugging and unplugging the cable.

As in the case of the software method, please ensure that the battery is not close to depleting before attempting the reset.

What to expect when the battery icon is visible (normal watch mode) 

After a successful reset, the screen will then go completely dark in a characteristic way and won't respond to tapping. This means the watch has been completely shut down. Please wait 10-15 seconds for complete power down.

Plug Swimmo into the USB port to wake it up again. You should see the Swimmo logo. 


What to expect when green light flashes (unfinished update)

The screen will still not react after reset. That's normal. The only effect of resetting the watch in unfinished update state is making sure that watch advertises properly via Bluetooth. This needs to be done in pair with instructions on this page.

After a successful reset, you should see Swimmo on the list. After that, you can restore your watch firmware by reconnecting via the Swimmo app. 

We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us.