The iOS app is developed in parallel to the Android one. A smaller number of unique devices using this system makes it easier to release quality code and therefore the app is very stable. Each release is verified manually by Apple iTunes before release, that's why we have approx. monthly release cycle for the iOS mobile app.

Changes to iOS app are available after at least 2 days (up to 2-3 weeks) after we release them as they are inspected manually by Apple iTunes Team. To use the latest app as soon as possible please upgrade your Swimmo iOS app via iTunes or wait for an automatic update to take place. 

iOS v1.9.41 release public (in App Review)
  • Added support for refresh tokens in Strava due to API change
  • Fixed computation of distance when lap length ends with 0.6 meters/yards
  • Firebase and other libraries update
  • Fixed various layout issues e.g. in goals screen and workout details
  • Stability improvements
  • Facebook SDK update
  • Fixed layout issues on latest iOS
  • Fixed for styling of integrations web view frame on iOS 14+
iOS v1.9.27 release public
  • Adjusted sliders in creating a custom goal to work smooth in iOS 13.
  • Fixed Facebook sharing method of individual workout.
  • Fixed leaderboard profiles when charts are unavailable.
  • Improve visibility of reorder control by using custom icon.
  • Translation updates, stability improvements, library migration.

iOS v1.9.25 release public
  • Fixed "Auth Key Incorrect" message which occurred to small number of our users
  • New translations: Greek, Korean, Hindi, Swedish
  • Improvements to Bluetooth connectivity
  • Improvements to GUI due to new updates to iOS system
  • Secure and handle corruption of user session
  • Optimisation of Facebook log in
  • Stability improvements and libraries update

iOS v1.9.23 release public
  • Added support for new internal HW revisions
  • Added new options to control settings of cobranded watch
  • Improvements in integrations
  • Stability and crash fixes
  • Libraries update

iOS v1.9.18 release public
  • Stability improvements after changes from v1.9.17.
    Improvements on changes after early user feedback.

iOS v1.9.17 release public
  • [Improvements] Better session handling and fix up of errors in session keys, including filling up the email for re login
  • [Integrations] Updated Twitter integration to latest changes in the Twitter library
  • [Firmware Update] When downloading new software packages, limit to only those supported by currently installed mobile app in terms of data exchange protocol format
  • [Firmware Update] Better experience on the firmware update process when app is in the background - either via home button or e.g. occurrence of phone calls
  • [Firmware Update] Better experience when update is started by user manually and watch is not currently connected
  • [Troubleshooting] "Reset the watch" option works all the time even if the watch is not currently connected
    Stability improvements of changes from last release

iOS v1.9.14 release public
  • [iOS] Added translated store information for Polish, Czech, Turkish, Norwegian, Hindi and Hungarian languages
  • [iOS] Public release of a previous beta version with bug fixes applied
  • [iOS] Bluetooth sync improvements of long workouts
  • [iOS] Bluetooth sync improvements when in background mode
  • [iOS] Bluetooth sync improvements when doing the firmware update
  • [iOS] Logging of Bluetooth data frames on backend made consistent between platforms to allow parsing them only on backend side due to different data frames formats from the watch firmwares and possible network connection hickups
  • [iOS] Dependencies update

iOS v1.9.9 release Beta
  • [iOS] Added support for an upcoming new cobranded watch for a new market segment
  • [iOS] History - Show all laps in history details for long distances - even over 7.5km
  • [iOS] History - Fixed layout issues for Chinese and Japanese translations
  • [iOS] Translations - Added Korean translation
  • [iOS] Translations - Phase out Chinese Traditional translation, we will use a higher quality translation (Chinese Simplified) only for now
  • [iOS] Translations - Phase out unfinished Swedish translation
  • [iOS] UI/layout improvements for iPhone X family line models
    [iOS] UI/layout improvements for syncing screen - fixed label not showing up and "x" sometimes not working
  • [iOS] UI/layout improvements for history and achievements screens
  • [iOS] UI/layout improvements for translations (using flexible dimensions in layouts)
  • [iOS] UI/layout improvements for dropdown selectors, progress indicators, updating screen
  • [iOS] UI/layout improvements for first load experience
  • [iOS] Troubleshooting page now includes more powerful "RESET" option which acts as a factory shutdown
  • [iOS] Troubleshooting page improvements adding support for hardware revisions
  • [iOS] Integrations - added a note about Facebook auto posts no longer allowed
  • [iOS] Integrations - Strava - fixed "Disallowed User Agent" for Google+ login method
  • [iOS] Integrations - phased out Endomondo/ integrations
  • [iOS] Sessions - fixed login issue when mixed case is used in email
  • [iOS] Better logout handling when session becomes corrupted
  • [iOS] Switched all URLs to use SSL
  • [iOS] Fix messages for GPS permissions
  • [iOS] Translation improvements
  • [iOS] Stability and crash fixes
  • [iOS] Libraries update
iOS v1.6.3 release public
  • Fixed issue with duplicate "distance" workout introduced as human error in v1.6.2
  • Improvements in sharing message for English translations.
  • Improvements in Chinese translation of Troubleshooting screen.
  • Translations update for DA, JA, PL, PT, TH & CN.

iOS v1.6.2 release public
  • Bluetooth communication improvements - properly handle case when workouts filled watch memory in full and laps may be striped out. 
  • Added logging of RAW Bluetooth data during workout sync to control this process completely and for easier debuging.
  • Fixed case of mismatched goal types for several accounts.
  • Fixed pace calculation in leaderboard profile cards. 
  • Logout correctly, unpin all cached objects then.
  • Updated dependencies and libraries.
  • Stability improvements 

iOS v1.6.1 release public
  • Fixed offline mode (regression bug introduced in v1.6 due to backend migration)
  • Updated MapMyFitness/Under Armour API urls
  • Updated libraries/dependencies
  • Fixed deprecated notices

iOS v1.6.0 release public
  • This is a major release which migrates our old backend to a new online location. Currently used solution is being retired with the end of January. As told by, "On January 28, 2017, any calls to the hosted Parse backend service will cease to function", so please make sure to use the latest app before that.
  • PaceKeeper goal: allow 1 min increments when writing using keyboard
  • Goals: Fixed duplicate detection of goal definition
  • Watch settings - layout improvement for iPod Touch 5
  • Watch settings - layout improvement for Spanish (MX)
  • Improvements in detecting of proper Internet connection
  • Image optimization - should reduce memory usage and app file size
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes - reaching 99.9% crash-free sessions
  • Better logs 
  • Translations update
  • Dependencies update
iOS v1.5.5 release public
  • New: BLE Syncing - added more consistency checks to safeguard the data transfer
  • New: BLE Firmware Update - improved error handling during the process
  • New: Added "2/3" fraction for 16.(6) m pools - popular in Germany.
  • Fixed sharing on Facebook.
  • Stability fixes and improvements.

iOS v1.5.1 release public
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes
  • Translations update

iOS v1.4.7 release public
  • BLE Syncing - Prevention of lap loss. Make sure that workouts are synced first, only then clear the workouts in the watch.
  • BLE Syncing - More BLE code connectivity improvements
  • Code optimizations, various crash and stability fixes

iOS v1.4.0 release public
  • BLE Firmware update - version comparison is now fixed so updates should show up only when the version is different
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - fixed all issues of syncing long workouts in new (post v1.1+) way of data transfer, old watch software (pre v1.1) is still affected, update your firmware please
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - should no longer freeze on "syncing" screen in some cases
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - long workouts should now sync faster
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - fixed time syncing during 00:00-01:00 am hour
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - secured error messages so they close after timeout
  • Achievements - result handling is now more realiable, no more "fresh" red badges should appear when nothing changes
  • Achievements - no more duplicate posts of new achievements should be shared to social media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • History lists - short caching methods were introduced so user experience will improve
  • Leaderboard - fixed some cases of 0:00 pace value
    Stability improvements, all known crashes from logs are now fixed!

iOS v1.3.0 r150
  • Fixed pulse avg count in stats over time and leaderboard for cases when one of the workouts has an undetected pulse
  • Changed basic "workout" wording to "tracking" for clarity (e.g. "Distance workout" -> "Distance tracking")
  • Fixed Facebook login route after using logout feature
  • Various stability and crash fixes

iOS v1.3.0
  • Fixed syncing of big workouts on iOS platform - no more lost laps! (The fix is partially live because the communication between app and watch was changed, so previous versions of watch software will still be affected, so you need to update your watch to v1.1 or later to solve this issue all together. This version of v1.1+ will be released after Android app will catch up to match same reading method - most likely will happen beginning of next week)
  • Fixed issue with workouts not read from device before updating firmware (no more lost workouts)
  • Training summary charts - distance and calories charts have now reversed axis (data & labels) to be more friendly and match expectations
  • New Workouts/Edit Workouts screens translation fixes (misplaced translations e.g. for Dutch language)
  • Fixed issue with crash after searching FB friends when user was not logged in via FB
  • Fixed pace charts in leaderboard screens - typo caused bad formatting of the chart
  • Changed option "Add your new goal" to be white in all cases
    Calories/distance charts fixes for 25/50/75/100% goal axis
  • Better app crash reporting and stability fixes

iOS previous releases

Changelog for previous releases were added on Apple iTunes store.