The watch firmware is the operating system of Swimmo Training Watches. This part of our apps collects all the data and presents it on the watch. It needs to be very stable as it affects all watches and whole training experience.

For the best experience, we release updates of watch changes on a slower schedule in comparison with mobile apps, because the firmware update process is not an easy one to be reversed if something goes wrong. Releases are first available as Beta for part of our users and then for the general public.

To use the latest watch firmware, you need to update your watch using the mobile app. You can start updating when new release notification shows up or go to Settings → Troubleshooting and click "UPDATE NOW" manually.

Have a look at most recent changes below.

Watch firmware v1.9.40 release public
  • Reverted pox changes from v1.9.39 due to user feedback
Watch firmware v1.9.39 release public

This release is available for part of the user base - using watch HW 7.3 and later:

  • [Workout experience] Added new option of energy saving which will be a new setting visible in the mobile apps
  • [Workout experience] Lap/distance are now switched in distance basic workouts and distance goals if you have pool length set
  • [Ease of use] Tap wakeup algorithms were improved
  • [Ease of use] Tap wakeup is now more smooth if you have daily watch setting ON.
  • [Ease of use] On daily watch screen, motion filtered double tap was introduced. This will help with accidental situations when watch was turned itself ON. To take full advantage of this change make sure to have daily watch setting ON.
  • [Pox] Improved handling of situations when pulse should be measured from scratch
  • [General] Idle time on watch face screen reduced to 6 sec
Watch firmware v1.9.22 release in public

This release is available for watch HW 7.3 and later:

  • [Ease of use] Swimmo now supports multiple languages - 18 local languages are now released
  • [Ease of use] Simplified messages in connect & sync guides
  • [Ease of use] Added double tap hints on screens which require that gesture

  • [Ease of use] Better defaults for vibration alerts when watch was not synced with the app

  • [Ease of use] When battery discharges during workout, the workout is saved and watch is shut down to store it securely

  • [Ease of use] Reliability improvements for Rotate&Tap - occasional freeze bug secured

  • [Ease of use] When there is not enough battery level for stable operation, it is now consistent across watch functionality with crossed out battery
    [Ease of use] Consistent synced feedback behaviour across main screens of the watch
    [Ease of use] Don't show discharged battery when started charging

  • [Workout experience] Vibration strength has been increased

  • [Workout experience] If workout is started and sits idle for several minutes with no distance, then it will be stopped automatically

  • [Workout experience] If there is not enough space to store more laps, then the workout is stopped and saved

  • [Workout experience] Secured reported cases for 50M pools
  • [Workout experience] Secured issue with ending the workout due to motion in small part of user base

  • [Pulse] Switched HR-only simple workout screen to use double tap too

  • [Pulse] If HR-only (i.e. aqua aerobic) workout screen sits idle for 30s with no pulse, then it will be stopped automatically

  • [Syncing] Visible improvement of connection init time on Android

  • [Syncing] Advertising flags improved to show watch icon as well as include device name in first frame

  • [Syncing] Bluetooth connection params improvement

  • [GUI] Better visibility of all metrics, smaller metrics are now much larger

  • [GUI] Fixed HH:MM overflow bug on duration goal screen

  • [GUI] Improved look of duration goal in menu

  • [GUI] Store back position for swim menu

  • [Date/Time] Better defaults for daily watch setting

  • [Date/Time] Fixed time sync with Android devices with summer time change

  • [Date/Time] Improved day of week calculation

  • [Statistics] Better defaults for calorie calculation when bio data is not set

  • [Statistics] Fixed rounding of duration/calories for individual laps vs workout total

  • [Statistics] Fixed rounding of total pace for workout total

  • [Statistics] Fixed pace calculation overflow bug

  • [General] Shorter, more concise guidance texts

  • [General] Code refactoring, various improvements and stability fixes

  • [New HW] Fixed battery level regression bug introduced lately

Watch firmware v1.3.1 released in public
  • Partially reverted motion filter change from v1.3.0 as it caused problems for a small group of users.
  • Increased storage limit up to 10.000 yards/meters per single workout. 
Watch firmware v1.3.0 released in public
  • Incorporated changes from Beta version v1.2.4 for public release. 
  • Watch ON all the time during the whole workout. Turned off screen saving. (This is experimental, may change, depending on feedback on battery life.)
  • Off screen less sensitive to taps and motion.
  • Motion filter detection from v1.2.4 improved to not cause problems for some minority of users with freezing "unresponsive" sensor. 
  • Improved connectivity parameters negotiated by the watch. This gives the benefits of 100% safe firmware update process, reconnections should no longer happen, faster connectivity on Android devices, more stable data transfer. 
  • From now on Swimmo doesn't end workouts automatically when not active for a long period of time.
  • Data transfer logic on the watch improved to reduce round trips with large workouts and errors in partial data transfers.
  • Set idle time for summary screens the same as for training (no screen saving there).
  • More stable turning off of the POX light after a workout.
  • Incorporated additional testing methods during production.
  • Incorporated new bootloader software.

Watch firmware v1.2.4 released in Beta
  • Secured double taps for even better noise protection to prevent pausing by motion during swim (if you experience some issues with not responding Rotate&Tap sensor, please wait for 2-3s without motion and then tap) 
  • More stable turning off of the POX light after a workout.
  • Lap counting algorithms improvements.
  • Stability improvements.
Watch firmware v1.2.2 release public
  • Lap count - better handling of lap fixing logic just before ending/resting + some more signals for crawl/different turns.
  • Firmware update - Stronger and more stable BLE advertising during firmware update.
  • Saving workouts - Fixed one possible race condition which might cause some loss of data
  • Added consistency checks on memory to prevent some weird results. 

Watch firmware v1.2.1 release public
  • To pause your workout you need to perform a double tap. Previously both methods worked (motion filtered tap as well as double taps). Some people reported occasional pausing/ending workout, so we needed to switch entirely to double taps to solve it reliably.
  • Prevent possible race condition when events are unregistered and watch may freeze on "Start swimming" screen 
  • Don't show arrows on the synced icon screen
  • Don't show onboarding after firmware updates
  • Smaller code optimizations

Watch firmware v1.2.0 release public
  • Introducing separate drill/kick mode for automatic tracking - available from the pause menu.
  • Improved lap counting algorithm. Now below tips apply. 
  • For best accuracy of both laps and times, when not swimming, pause your workout.
  • For drill/kick sets automatic tracking, make sure to use dedicated drill mode.
  • If by any chance your lap is missed, Swimmo should correct itself at next turn, just keep swimming.
  • For pools shorter than 25 meters/yard, you need to set proper distance for optimal tracking.

Watch firmware v1.1.20 release public
  • BLE Syncing - finally fixed completely iOS BLE syncing issue with long workouts - use watch firmware v1.2+, mobile apps v1.4+
  • Lap counting - fine-tuning of the algorithm according to given feedback
  • Lap counting - fine-tuning for cases of breaststroke/freestyle undercount
  • Lap counting - fixes for relaxed swimming/slower stroke rate
  • Distance goal alerts/vibrations - reverted to receive alerts on distance after finishing the lap not just before
  • Workout totals - ending the workout from pause screen no longer alerts total time and pace stats
  • BLE Firmware update - even more BLE stability improvements on the watch itself
  • Waking up the watch - even more accelerometer stability improvements on the watch itself
  • Pulse readings - more robust readings when optics is perfect
  • Secured possible place for memory instability of laps data (1 case)

Watch firmware v1.1.7 release public 
  • This release matches v1.0.67 in functionality but requires mobile apps in version v1.3+ because of backward-breaking changes in Bluetooth data transfer format.

Watch firmware v1.0.67 release public 
  • Lap counting another major revision of new/revamped algorithm for lap counting
  • Lap counting optimization for cases when swimming is irregular e.g. touching your googles/nose, extra long glide, looking at the watch, etc.
  • Lap counting - not pausing the watch when resting between laps should not cause overcount
  • Lap counting - algorithm finetuning for not so perfect stroke e.g. breaststroke in the Asian region
  • Lap counting - extended analysis of turns - analyze weaker signals and discard false positives
  • Lap counting - fixed variance in lap time for some users where it might floated higher/lower
  • Lap counting - irregularity during lap should no longer cause overcount
  • Lap counting - better handle weaker signals of turns - should fix most cases of undercount
  • HR algo - first part of changes aiming to increase the accuracy of HR readouts
  • HR algo - readings more stable in direct very bright sunlight
  • HR algo - optimization for more stable readouts
  • Real-time feedback - send distance based vibrations just before ending a lap (in approx. 3/4 of a lap)
  • Rotate&Tap - now you can use either double tap or single motion filtered tap to wake up Swimmo screen
  • Bluetooth - even more stability fixes deeper in the logic so that the watch undetectable issues should no longer happen
  • Onboarding - messages updated with better wording and grammar fixes + secured the first tap
  • Workouts - increased max laps to 240
  • GUI - secure alerts icons to not show up on the start of next training when you stop the training once they are on
  • Translations update, stability fixes and improvements

Watch firmware v1.0.56 and v1.0.57 release public
  • You can now pause the workout easier in a new way - by using motion filtered single-tap (or using double-tap as before)
  • stability fixes covering cases when the watch is not waking up after software update
  • stability fixes covering cases when the watch is not waking up after standby mode in some cases
  • stability fixes covering cases when the watch is not waking up after power-off mode
  • previous Bluetooth connectivity fixes from APP mode are now also applied in BOOT mode
  • in BOOT mode now pulse diodes blink so it is easy to detect that Swimmo is still working (e.g. during software update or if the update didn't finish properly and no GUI is available)
  • HR reading improvements - some peaks could be omitted/filtered out before - waiting on your extensive feedback here
  • HR reading improvements to reduce floating effect of HR data in short timeframe when comparing with stable bpm value counted over a longer timeframe
  • HR reading improvements to stabilize readings and eliminate some possible cases of drop outs
  • lap counting - Swimmo is now slightly less likely to overcount your laps when resting (even more accuracy improvements in the works)
  • onboarding no longers skips tap gesture introduction when taking off the charger
  • onboarding messages were updated - now NOT-based comparison is secondary

Watch firmware v1.0.54 release public
  • 20 times increased screen timeout of sleep mode during a workout to 10 minutes (waiting on your feedback regarding battery life after this change as well as how you like the change; next step can be to have the display always on during the workout if battery life is fine)
  • Energy optimizations were introduced which will hopefully reduce the impact of longer display ON time on battery life
  • Increased the contrast of graphical user interface, now your watch should look sleeker :)
  • Increased brightness so that outdoor visibility is better
  • Small metrics are now more visible due to increased contrast
  • Several stability fixes

Watch firmware v1.0.51 release public
  • Fixed syncing problems with workouts over 40 laps (human error in one condition)

Watch firmware v1.0.50 release public 
  • Fixed bug with disappearing Bluetooth requiring the watch reset - the issue detected and fixed, should be stable from now on
  • Sleep mode timeout in training time is now activated later: +50% increase in active time
  • Vibrations are now more differentiated to be very distinguishable between faster / slower
  • Tap strength returned to normal strength for pulse screen and workout screens (for workouts double tap is still needed)
  • Changed wording of "basic workout" to "tracking" for better clarity (e.g. "Distance workout" -> "Distance tracking", mobile apps will follow up soon)
  • Various stability fixes

Watch firmware previous releases

Changelog for previous releases is not available publicly.