Swimmo tracks your swim workout, motivates and communicates with you in the water.

Swimmo is focused on swimmers (both pro and casual) and has a rich set of functions that will help them in their everyday training:

  • Automatic Lap and Distance Tracking - Never lose track of your lap count again. Focus on your performance. Know your distance in laps, meters or yards.


  • High Precision Calorie Counting - Get an accurate count of the calories you have burned with the pulse measurements and advanced algorithms.


  • Real-Time Haptic Feedback - Swimmo communicates specific actions via unique vibration frequencies.


  • PaceKeeper™ - Swim at your pre-defined pace. Smart vibrations will inform you when you need to slow down or speed up.


  • Heart Rate Monitoring - Measure your pulse from your wrist without the need for chest straps. Control your training intensity with real-time feedback.


  • Training History - Review your performance with simple charts and detailed training session data. Your swim log is always with you.


  • Achievements - Never miss your proud moments again. Get notified about your every achievement and personal best.


  • Swimming Pace/Speed - Get to know how fast you swam in a whole workout and within every single lap.


  • Time/Duration of Swimming - Track how long you trained for.


  • IntensityCoach™ – To make the most of your activity, you should exercise at the proper intensity. Not too low and not too high. Swimmo will help you stay in the proper heart rate zone.

And more... see all the features.