This is a broad term that can indicate, in most cases, an issue with charging, firmware update or the OLED display. The first step is identifying the cause.

1. Failed firmware update

"My watch has become unresponsive after I attempted to update the firmware. A green light is flashing on the back of the watch and nothing is displayed on the screen."

The firmware update has been interrupted or has failed.  You can resolve this problem on your own by following this detailed guide.

2. The watch did not turn on at all

"My watch is unresponsive right out of the box. The screen does not show anything and it seems that I can't even turn the watch on."

The first thing to remember here is that the watch has to be initially turned on using the charger. More often than not, the watch not responding to screen tapping turns out to be an issue with the charger itself, with the watch being simply turned off.

Please refer to this guide to troubleshoot possible issues with the charger.

3. Other reasons

"I've tried to charge the watch but the screen doesn't display anything at all. Seemingly random tapping made a green light appear on the back of the watch."

In very rare scenarios the reason for the unresponsiveness might be a faulty display. In these cases, the watch is turned on after the initial contact with the charger but appears to be off, as the screen does not display anything. Multiple attempts of tapping the screen can occasionally turn on the green diode on the back of the watch if a workout has been initiated at random.

As this might be hard to reproduce, a more reliable way of verifying this problem would be checking if the watch is visible over Bluetooth. If the watch is visible as a Bluetooth device on your phone, it means that it has been, in fact, turned on and the issue is most likely the OLED display. In such cases, please contact us directly and let us resolve this problem for you.

Please keep in mind that we are always ready to assist you with troubleshooting so please never hesitate to contact us.