For best accuracy of laps and times remember to pause your workout when not actually swimming (for example resting). When we’re not swimming, we tend to move around in the water and produce a lot of signals that might be interpreted as swimming and can result in inaccuracies.

Swimmo might also count additional laps if you swim very slowly. If that’s the case, try to use kicks/drill mode to improve accuracy.

To ensure accuracy, please do not change the stroke type during a lap. Only one style of swimming per lap is supported.

Please try not to change the first stroke, from right to left or the opposite. Always wear Swimmo on your dominant hand (meaning, try the other hand if there is any miscount). 

If, by any chance your lap was missed, Swimmo should correct itself, just keep swimming. Our algorithms look at the whole workout and corrects any mistakes it detects.

If you still see Swimmo miscounting laps, make sure to push off the wall intensely while turningLonger glide should improve accuracy.

If you’re performing kicks/drill sets, use Swimmo’s kicks/drill mode. If you’re swimming using regular strokes – do not use this mode.

There are also other irregularities that can cause miscalculation of laps, like stopping swimming in the middle of a lap or very long pauses between laps.

Pools other than 25 meters/yards

If your swimming pool is different than the standard 25 meters/yards (especially shorter ones), you need to set the correct pool length via the mobile app to ensure accurate measurements.

If miscounts still occur...

If you experience any laps miscounts please let us know what swimming style you use, what is your time per length and stroke count, and what you have experienced to provide us with feedback. 
We are constantly improving our algorithm and we strive to provide the best experience to all kinds of swimmers over time. We analyze such reports in bulk from time to time to improve our algorithms once we have enough reported data for a meaningful change.