"The pairing is being rejected by Swimmo - what should I do?"

If you have encountered the error message stating "Pairing Rejected" or "Pairing Rejected by Swimmo" or similar in your phone's local language, please read on.


This error message occurs on Android only when trying to pair/bond permanently via phone settings of Bluetooth devices list instead of using Swimmo mobile app directly.

Why is this happening

Swimmo watch connection is meant to be temporary and not permanent. Unlike many smartwatches, it doesn't need a permanent Bluetooth connection. Swimmo watch is working as a standalone device.

Temporary connection means Swimmo mobile apps connect with the watch only to sync your training history, workout goals and settings. It is also better for both watch and phone battery life. 

What to do next
  • Please skip pairing/bonding on Bluetooth phone settings level entirely.
  • Turn Bluetooth ON and make sure to check all of the Bluetooth requirements for Android phones like Location ON for Android 6+, etc.
  • Then open Swimmo mobile app directly and simply allow it to connect itself.