Designed for casual fitness use

Swimmo technology was not intended to give results for continuous high-intensity tracking, therefore, your heart rate results may vary. If you do such high-intensity training you may expect your heart rate results to 'catch up' after about 15 seconds.

Please remember that Swimmo is not a medical-grade device and should never be used as a substitute for such. Instead, it is meant to give you a general idea about your heart rate for fitness purposes only.

Environment limitations

There could be several reasons why heart rate information is not displaying properly:

  • Chlorine and seawater can interfere with the device as they’re both highly conductive.
  • Muscle strains or dynamic movement can result in the device moving from the required positioning or introduce noise during the measurements.
  • The strength of the signal your body sends varies greatly from person to person and depends on tissue composition.

We strive to reduce the impact of the above by developing improvements to our algorithms, but both technological and external limitations are bound to slightly affect the HR readings of wrist-worn fitness devices, especially when compared to medical devices.